Product Safety

Impact of SlimBiome® on satiety, satiation, weight loss and gut microbiome composition in overweight & obese women.

by Adele Costabile, Enver Keleszade, Tamara Willner, Sofia Kolida, M Patterson and Steven Trangmar.


SlimBiome® is a patented formulation designed to promote the feeling of fullness, burn calories by promoting a healthy metabolism and to maintain blood sugar levels. SlimBiome® reduces food cravings and as such helps reduce body weight and aids the sustainability of weight loss.


Investigate the effect of SlimBiome®, as the functional ingredient in a calorie restricted diet plan (GoFigureâ), on weight loss, satiety, satiation, mood and gut microbiome composition in a human intervention study.


  • 4-week, prospective, open label study
  • 12 females (18-65 years), BMI 25-35kg/m2
  • Participants were asked to consume 9g SlimBiome® daily.
  • Anthropometric, mood and craving parameters were recorded weekly.
  • Faecal samples were obtained at baseline and at the end of the 4-week study for metagenomic analysis


Faecal microbiome analysis revealed notable increases the relative abundance of Christensenellaceae, Bacteroidetes and Actinobacteria.

SlimBiome® significantly reduced:

  • Weight
  • BMI & % body fat
  • Waist &Hip circumference
  • Systolic blood pressure

SlimBiome® improved mood and decreased carvings for savory foods accompanied by a trend for reduction in sweet food cravings.

Study highlights

SlimBiome® reduced cravings for savoury and sweet foods and had a positive impact on gut microbiome and mediated significant weight loss in overweight to obese women.

SlimBiome® may be used as an effective means of supporting hunger-free weight management when combined with healthy eating.

Study was funded by OptiBiotix Health PLC and carried out independently by the University of Roehampton, London.

SlimBiome®: Glycaemic Response

SlimBiome® and SlimBiome® Medical:

  • Identical glycaemic responses
  • Significantly lower to the dextrose control
GI SlimBiome® :35
GI SlimBiome® Medical: 43

Foods with GI ≦ 55 are considered LOW GI and are considered suitable for Diabetic patients.